titleOn Friday, 17th  March we had an incursion called Aboriginal Survival Technology from naturalist Philip Green – also known as Wildman.

The dynamic presentation gave the students a visual and tactile experience of traditional technologies used by indigenous peoples across the varied environments of Australia – deserts, mountains, rivers and sea shores. Philip showed photos in his audio-visual presentation of the native plants and wildlife used by Aboriginal people for food, clothing, medicine, shelter, weapons and art.

The children were then able to examine and handle the artefacts. The students thoroughly enjoyed this experience.

The cost of the incursion was heavily subsidised through a Department of Aboriginal Affairs PALS grant:

Partnership between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people;
Acceptance of difference as unique and to be respected;
Learning more about ourselves and each other, and,
Sharing a common journey along the path of healing and reconciliation towards a more harmonious and optimistic future.