Morley Primary School

Morley Primary has a P&C Association. P&C Associations are the forum for parents and citizens in government schools who have an interest in their children’s education.

The Morley Primary School P&C Association:

  • Develops parents’ participation and involvement in the school
  • Is the forum for parents to bring up ideas for the school community through fundraising efforts
  • Promotes and supports communication and cooperation within the school community and brings educational matters to the attention of the wider community
  • Provides extra amenities for the benefit of the students.

The P&C are always happy to welcome new members at their meetings.

Mission Statement

The Morley Primary School Parents & Citizens Association undertake:

  • To have good communication with the school parents;
  • To cooperate with the school administration and effectively use P&C resources and fundraising activities to benefit the students;
  • To approach all issues with a positive attitude;
  • To provide an opportunity for parents involvement in school issues;
  • To respect the wishes and beliefs of teachers and parents.

Contact Details

Morley Primary School
36 Wellington Road

Phone: (08) 9218 1500
Kindergarten: (08) 9218 1508
Pre Primary: (08) 9218 1511

Email: morley.ps@education.wa.edu.au

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