School Beliefs

Morley Primary School

Morley Primary School will:

  1. Provide a safe and secure working environment in which all stake holders can participate in decision making.
  2. Create a positive and effective behaviour management system that enables students to develop independence, adopt the National Values and extend thinking skills.
  3. Ensure teachers are consistently up-skilled in knowledge of curriculum and best practise, having the resources and support necessary for implementation.
  4. Provide connections and challenges to student learning, celebrating all achievements.
  5. Maintain an appealing environment both inside and outside the classrooms, constantly encouraging student, staff and community pride in the school.
  6. Foster strong links between community and the school.

Contact Details

Morley Primary School
36 Wellington Road

Phone: (08) 9218 1500
Kindergarten: (08) 9218 1508
Pre Primary: (08) 9218 1511


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