Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is located in the Albert Kralevich Arts Centre and is usually open every Thursday morning from 8.30 am – 9.00 am. This is a voluntary service run by parents.  Please check the term planner to confirm open times as they may change from time to time.

The School Board, P&C Association and staff of Morley Primary School feel it is important for children to take pride in their appearance and support the wearing of the school uniform. Because of this consensus of opinion, children are expected to wear school uniform. Thongs or similar are not permitted.

(Pupils in Kindergarten have the option of wearing school uniform or free dress). A code of dress has been formally established by a committee and endorsed by the School Council.)

Boys and Girls
  • Bottle Green and Gold polo (tab front) shirt with school logo
  • Bottle green track pants
  • Bottle green zip jacket with school logo
  • Year Six Leavers shirt (from 3rd term on)
Boys Green shorts
Girls Bottle green skort or green shorts
Hat Bucket style reversible with bottle green and school logo on one side and faction colour with logo on the other. As we are an endorsed “Sun Smart” school, hats are required to be worn all year
Hair Hair shoulder length or longer to be tied back for safety and health reasons
Jewellery Only sleepers or studs are to be worn in pierced ears. No chains, necklaces or bracelets are to be worn
Nail Polish No nail polish to be worn at school

Faction Uniform

Screen printed polo (tab front) shirt in faction colour. Faction colours are:

  • Athena – Rust
  • Zeus – Purple
  • Poseidon – Aqua

Click here for the 2021 Uniform Shop Order Form.